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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ages of the children at the center?
Ages 0-13 at one location and ages 0-6 at another. Your child will spend their day in an age-appropriate play/learning group.We are flexible with having your child get a chance to interact with children who are a bit older or younger if it is in the best interest of the child developmentally.
What are our hours?
We work to accommodate our parents’ schedules.We offer a 15 minute grace period after your scheduled pick-up with no fees being assessed.
What is the cost of care?
If the answer to this question seems beyond your reach, don't hang up immediately. Ask about scholarship slots for needy families. Ask about local or state programs to subsidize child care.
What is the ratio of adults to children?
We feel strongly about meeting and exceeding the State requirements where supervision ratios are concerned.

Infants: 4 :1, Young Toddler: 6:1, Pre-school Age: 8:1

What are the qualifications of the teachers who will care for your child and how long have they been working in this setting?
Our Director holds a Bachelor of Science degree, and has taught young children grades 0 to 6 in New Jersey.Our supervising teachers have 4 to 10 years experience in childhood education and hold various Child Development certifications.
A majority of our staff have been with the Center for 3 to 7 years.
What makes BG different?
We focus on your child.  Our infants have a large crawl and activity area for developing motor skills. Our older toddlers and pre-school children have a school playground that they use regularly weather permitting. Our pre-school children are walked to nearby parks weather permitting with the proper supervisory ratio. Some classes use a wagon or buggy, others walk the children as they hold onto a long rope with a teacher at either end. Some groups just hold hands with a friend as they walk.
On rainy, snowy or very hot days our children have room indoors where they can run, jump and climb.
How do we communicate with parents about the child's day?
We provide “How My Day Went Today Mommy & Daddy” forms that can serve as daily journals and/or weekly progress notes.


We encourage parents to use the checklist below when evaluating different centers.

Parent Involvement

Mommy & Daddy Can Come Out To Play

Parent involvement is welcomed and encouraged in many ways. These include daily communication via Galileo notes, scheduled parent teacher conferences, parent meetings, and social gatherings.  Parents are encouraged to drop-in at any time.

Meet My Teacher & Staff Night -

A general meeting with the Director, teachers and staff is held. A brief
presentation occurs followed by a Q&A session.  This is a great time to meet
other parents.  Child care is provided for your convenience.


Field Trips -

For our Kiddie Galileo students, a minimum of three field trips per year will
occur.  Additional fees apply for these events and permission slips are
required.  Parents are welcome to join on the trips, it is a great time to spend
quality time with your child and become familiar with their school mates.


Annual Picnic -

Once a year, in mid-June. 

Parents Night Out -

An opportunity for parents to have a great night out on us.  Child care will be provided.
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